Ithaca - Writing for Film, TV, and EM Undergraduate 2020


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Hey everyone! I'm setting up some threads for undergraduate programs as we get started with our applications/portfolios over the summer :)


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I was accepted into Ithaca's Writing for Film, TV, and EM on 12/19/19 (EA)!!!
Congratulations on getting accepted into Ithaca's writing program! I'm an Ithaca alum, class '10 with a cinema production major. I did take writing classes as well, Professor Nonas is amazing and I highly recommend taking classes with her! The production classes were really great, collaborative and very hands-on. Even if you stay with the writing program, I'd advise taking some production classes too. The equipment available to you is incredible and you'll have the freedom to rent anything to make your own projects. That's definitely something I wish I had taken advantage of a little more. Congratulations again!

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