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Hi folks, I have a question to ask. I have a bachelor's degree ( 4 years ) in science totally unrelated to film. I have decided to step my foot in filmmaking. My question to you guys is- should I apply for mfa film or bfa film or ba in something else like english, philosophy etc and then go for mfa. I'm 22. In terms of my experience I'm an absolute beginner and doesn't have a legitimate portfolio tbh..But I'm engaging myself by doing a bunch of online courses.. Pls guide me ..
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From what I read into on USC’s MFA film production, they have had people apply with BA’s in completely unrelated subjects, some of the people in the alumni events had degrees in other subjects too. So i’d say go for it!

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I agree with Jack. A lot of people I knew from USC are not film major in undergrad. They are looking for people who have potential in filmmaking. I'd recommend you just apply for USC BFA and if you don't have a portfolio, you can choose photos instead of a video for your application and put more effort into crafting the personal statements and other writing stuff.

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