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Little film experience, seeking help with MFA in Production/Directing Fall 2021 applications to UCLA & FSU


Hi everyone!

I'm a Wyoming native, about to get my BFA in Theatre, conc. Acting. I'm seeking advice for resumes and portfolios for the MFA at FSU and UCLA in Production and Production/Directing respectively.

Since I grew up in Wyoming, I don't have much film experience and I'm not sure how to format my resume. What exactly do they look for? Some say to lean towards a professional resume and others say a creative resume.

My academic and professional experience is in publicity, social media, and directing for theatre. I've made 2 videos. One is 1 minute narrative short and the other is a recruitment video for the theatre department. I also had a brief screenwriting independent study with a professor here and I've been a PA for one professional short film.

I don't have references or connections rooted in the film world either. I could use any and all advice or help.

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