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Hey Guys! I have an interview scheduled as well with LMU. Does anyone have some kind of idea of the questions they are going to be asking? Thank You :)
Is yours on Monday too?

And I’m just preparing for basic questions like why film school, why LMU, how are you gonna pay for it, etc but also questions specific to my application (be prepared to talk about whatever you sent them). I’ve also just prepared a bunch of questions to ask them just in case there’s extra time


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I also got an interview invite on 01/31! My interview's scheduled for 2/17 :D (I'm for the TV Writing/Producing Track)

Good luck, everyone!

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While you wait for more info.... Weigh in on your picks for tonight in this thread:


And get that Oscars bingo card. 🤣


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😃Hi, everyone!I just interviewed with Professor Skinner Myers and Lenna Pendharkar 2:40 PM PST today. It only takes 15 mins, and much easier than I thought it would be. I felt nervous at first because I am an international student and my speaking is not that well. But Professor all looked very easy-going and the atmosphere of the interview was just like a conversation. It seemed they just want to know more about their applicants.
Here is the question list I remember. Hope it will help someone the next.

LMU 2-11 Interview Question
  • Why apply to LMU?
  • What is the inspiration for you to choose filmmaking? What story?
  • What abilities do you want to learn from our school?
  • What kind of film do you want to make?
  • What do you want to be in the future? Producer? Director?
  • Do you have some other hobbies?
  • Do you have any questions for me?
Just take it easy! Best Luck to everyone!
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OMG!! How was it??!! Who were your interviewers?
Hey I don't remember their names but they were two white gentleman so that naturally made me very nervous (I am not white and I am female lol) but they were really great. They listened to my answers and gave me some great information. Don't be nervous. I'll admit I was in the hours leading up to the interview, but they were really calm. The whole thing was calm. I only panicked at one question because I didn't understand it fully, but the second interviewer clarified it pretty quickly. It was actually about diversity and what I could offer to the school. But they were cool dudes and I would love the opportunity to develop my talent with them.

Hope this helps!


Hey all!
Just had my interview with Professor Livingstone and Mr. Brancolini. Very nice gentlemen! Interview went well. I think I rambled a little bit on a few questions but I hope that works to my advantage. It was very informative. Good luck everyone!

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