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I will be attending Chapman University's Television Writing and Producing program for Fall 2018. I am writing to LMU students specifically because the Fall 2018 class will be the first to go through the MFA program. Anyone who completed Chapman's BFA can chime in as well. I tried to communicate with members on this site but haven't gotten a response. My questions are related to job prospects after the program. From your experience do you, other students, or alumni who have gotten internships and jobs due to their education and experience gained through school? Is it difficult to find internships and jobs during the program? Does it seem like television networks or other employers care about the fact that applicants have the knowledge and skill gained from school? Do you have any advice in that regard or know anyone that I can talk to?

Any response would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

Hey! Can you tell me about your experience so far? I applied for the same program for entry next year. I’m interested in how you feel about it

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