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Looking for a Hungry Filmmaker to be part of a Team.

Caleb Callahan

New Member
We are a group of models and SAG/AFTRA actors from the Elizabeth Mestnik studio with money who are looking for a young hungry film maker who is looking to build his demo reel and Social media following. We have a pool of money sitting aside ready to invest into a Camera and Equipment for whoever our director of photography will be, as part of our team. Whoever we decide to be part of the team will have a direct input into the equipment we'll be buying.

We have 3 scripts written already. Our first show is a comedy and is making fun of Model life. The script is hilarious and full of great good looking actors. Also, you would be able to use the equipment to shoot your own visions and projects as well, since you'll be part of the team.

We believe that to make it in this industry, the building of the right team is important. So that is why we are building one. Please do not reach out if you are not seriously committed to your craft and career. I would hate for you to waste your time. We are going to start interviewing people as early as next week. Thank you and look forward to meeting you.

Please send resume and info to the following email: cc00406@gmail.com

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