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Is anyone else applying to LMU for fall 2010? film production, TV producing, or screenwriting? How are the applications going?


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I was going to apply until I saw they required the GRE. I just cant justify paying 150 bucks to take a test for one school. Besides that I also decided not to apply because I'm anti standardized testing. I honestly don't feel they give a good indicator of how well someone can do. But anyways good luck to all those who apply.

Hello to all as I am new to these Boards!

I am applying to the LMU Graduate School of Film and Television (for Production) for the fall of 2010.

I have everything in and just took the GRE this morning and bombed it!?! 300 math/260 verbal.

I have a 3.78 GPA going into my last two classes for my MA in Theology and ministry from Franciscan University.

I also served as a core-team member in organizing a Catholic International Film Festival this past fall in which I submitted "Messy Spirituality" into the "shorts" category. I used this short as my creative work, which i also posted on youtube.

I have turned in three letters:

- A College Prof. from Franciscan who graduated from LMU in the 60's.
- A Graduate of the LMU Undergrad film school now doing acting/stage work in LA.
- The Founding Co-Director of the Catholic Film Festival who served as my Cinematographer for my Short Film.

I am VERY concerned about my GRE scores - however I have always performed well in the classroom and in writing (I was a Religion/History Teacher and Campus Minister for 10 years from 96-06).

I am going to inquire about having a formal interview, if this is possible.

I also do not see many applying to LMU in these forums.

Any advice on the formal Interview/approach to GRE would be appreciated as the deadline for fall 2010 is 2/15/10.



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Sounds like you have a good overall application for LMU, but you might consider taking the GRE again. You have plenty of time before the deadline, and with a little studying, you could improve your score a lot.


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Who else is applying to LMU?

It doesn't seem to be getting the attention it deserves on this site. Maybe that's because its deadline is still well over a month away!
I'm applying to LMU, but I'm not totally sure what I need to send them (if anything).

They should have received my statement of purpose and writing sample electronically through the online app, my undergrad transcripts were sent to them through my previous school, and my letters of recommendation were sent directly to the school's office of admission. Am I overlooking something or am I good to go as soon as I pay the application fee?


hey guys,
i had a question about the application i was wondering if you guys could answer before i try calling in. Their application requirements are a bit vague...is there a maximum length for the supplementary materials? How many can we send?

thanks in advanced!
Hello Blimes.

I was told by the Dept. Head and Graduates of the program that you need to send:

2 letters of rec (I sent three).

The GRE (with a focus on Verbal and analytical).

The Statement of Intent 3-5 pages typed.

College Transcripts.

Your creative sample (short Film or screenplay or both). I sent in my Student film and the screenplay for it. I actually did storyboards as well, but was told not to send them.

Hope this helps.

If you have questions, contact LMU graduate addmissions and they will check your file while on the phone with them (Which i suggest to make sure all your info is received and in the right place). If you have more questions, contact Mrs. abshire in the Film Dept. Very helpful with applicants.

I know for a fact they start selection process by Feb 15th.


Hey Jedimastere, thanks for the info! if i could trouble you with another question, did they mention a length requirement for the creative submission? alright, thanks for your help =)

In speaking to a few people over the past year, it seems that they want something simple and short (nothing deep, heavy or of combodulated matter, if that's the right word). My short film was just over 6 minutes.

They seem to really be into imagry to express ideas.

Based on my gatherings from my conversations, it seems they would not want to watch a long film, maybe just a portion of it.

Best bet is to submit it on a DVD so they can just pop it in.

Make sure your material is organized, but don't worry so much about presentation. I was considering putting together a dressy portfolio and was told it was not neccessary.

In short they want to cut to the chase when they look at your material, so make that easy and organized for them. They know the meat and potatoes is in your work.

Hope this helps, again the one to contact is Ms. Abshire in the school of film and television. She's pretty straight with you!

I don't know about length requirements as it applies to screenplays though. I cannot give an answer to that.


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How's them applications going?

I'm mailing mine today for Film Production. At this point in the process, I feel like I could apply to grad school in my sleep.

I hope the cute dude is working at the Post Office again!
All is sent in on my part.

Just waiting for an answer.

I did take the GRE again and improved slightly.

My Graduate level GPA is good so I am hoping that counterbalances my GRE scores.

My guess is between latter feb to mid march till we hear!?!
hey guys.

I scored a 1240 on GRE and a 111 on TOEFL. And i have like 60% percentage in my undergraduate engineering degree. Ive sent in my application along with my creative reel with 6 short films. Any idea what my chances are?


What is the prompt for the statement of intent?

"Why do you want to go to film school at Loyola?"

Their materials are somewhat unclear and I just wanted to double-check before sending off my application.


It seems like it's pretty open because the paper app says "explaining their(your) choice of graduate study" and the bulletin just requires "a detailed personal statement."

i also found the app instructions kind of confusing/nonexistent, or i'm just out of it, but can someone humor me? Are we supposed to mail application materials that aren't addressed in the online app (like writing samples, letters of rec, etc) to the general Graduate Division? It seems weird we aren't mailing them to the film school directly...help!


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After a good deal of looking, I didn't see any list anywhere of what to mail them, so I kind of guessed -- ha!

I sent them the things that most of the schools asked for:

3 letters of rec
undergrad transcripts
statement of purpose (about 4 pages)
reel/video sample

If they want more than that, well, they can contact me. But really, they should be posting it a lot more conspicuously.


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Oh, and to actually address your question -- yeah, I mailed mine to the Graduate Division. At least that much, they bothered to tell us. I'm sure they'll sort out what apps go to what departments once it all arrives.


hi am a science graduate with bio major...Gre 1470, gpa 3.97, toefl 114, 2 recos...... photographs as visual sample and also a creative writing piece.....not sure about sufficiency of my portfolio.....keeping fingers crossed....does anyone have any idea about the average number of applicants for production each year and the number accepted? how tough or easy is it to get in?......they said they would start sending in their decisions within the next few weeks...

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