Loyola Marymount Fall 2010

Congrats wyy123!

I was told people would be notified by Late Feb through April!?!

Couple of questions:

Who signed off on the acceptance letter/

Were you accepted for screenwriting or Film production?

If you don't mind me asking, what was your GRE and GPA scores?

Also, is your undergrad work in Film?


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Well the letter says upon recommendation from the School of Film...and the approval of Dean Stephen Duncan, yadayada...you have been accepted (sorry that's the first paragraph paraphrased by me). Signed by Chake Kouyoumigan.

Applied for Film Production

Undergrad in Business Management and English and I'm getting an MBA right now.

Written a few screenplays, made a few shorts. I sent in my application in November with all my others so it was really early.

Don't get worried everyone, it's super early.
Hey wyy123!

Who did you get to speak to on the extension?

Did they give you any sharable info on their selection process?

I called Grad Admissions Office and was told My complete App is in their hands as we speak.

I am hoping they haven't finished already as I have received nothing in the mail and LMU is my preferred/only choice for what I hope to do with film.


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I've only talked to Chake Kouyoumigan, but please don't call her asking about whether or not you're in the school (I don't think she handles any of that)

They just accepted me early I think that's it, there's no information or anything that I can give besides that.

Trust me I'm sure they're nowhere near done with the process. They've had my application for such a long time that I assume that's why they were already done with it.

Really, just wait it out. I don't think you have to worry at all.


Just got a call for a phone interview.

What is the story with LMU? Why isn't it on the top 10 film school list?


4ms4: The department is rather new. It has not had the endowment that Chapman has had. I toured the program. The people were nice, the school is located in a beautiful area of LA overlooking everything. Michael Cera's BFF went there..and you can't beat the Jesuit Education.


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Once LMU has your app they will set up MYPAW which you can go online and see the status of your app and financial aid.
Seems like it takes them awhile. The only thing they need from me is my transcript which they received over a wk ago electronically. LMU is where I want to transfer so I'll have to have patience.
I thought LMU Grad students could not use the online system.

Maybe I just need to give it time.

Still have not heard anything yet!?
Wow, I'm glad to see so many people have applied to LMU. I've also applied there, received the email directing me to sign up at the LMU website. Not sure when I will know whether I've gotten in or not but hopefull we all have.


Yeah, I really like that their vision statement mentions that the emphasis is on understanding and mastering visual storytelling grounded in humanistic ideas.

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