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Loyola Marymount Fall 2010


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Congratulations, jedimastere! Would you mind sharing what it is you like about LMU?

(I applied Film Production, and I haven't heard anything from them yet. But the mail hasn't come yet today!)
Originally posted by brittak:
Congratulations, jedimastere! Would you mind sharing what it is you like about LMU?


I was accepted for production as well.Here is some info from an older post of mine:

I visited LMU exactly a year ago. I loved it, small school/program, small classes.

Professors are very helpful and practical, I even spoke to some one on one.

There are large amounts of intership possibilities. I saw the office for internships and they have just about anything your looking for.

Best of all, you get to own your films when you graduate, they do not become the property of the school.

The equipment they offer is top notch too. And they supply you with everything except film stock for your first film, which I hear is expensive.

It is a 3-year program. You will graduate with I believe/recall 3 films which you will own:

1: A 5 Minute short - No sound, shot on actual Film.

2: A 10 to 15 Minute film - shot on digital or Film - with sound.

3: A 30 minute film - Shot on Digital or Film - with sound (Thesis Film).

You have to develop relationships with people in the school/program, be helpful, supportive and collaborative.

Also, for me it is a Catholic (Jesuit) school. I was a High school campus Minister/Religion Teacher for 10 years and now finishing up my Masters in Theology and Ministry from Franciscan University of Steubenville as we speak(One class left).

Hope this helps.


I think I got my acceptance letter today...something about provisional acceptance based on a recommendation from the film school and a fin-aid brochure. kind of hesitant because I haven't heard a thing from the film school yet. i hope i'm not getting my hopes up for nothing...that would be depressing!
Originally posted by swap:
got my acceptance letter today!!........ hey jedimastere will be joining u....like u its my first and only choice

They mailed you the letter? What date is stamped? Just want to know how long it took? Based in chennai right?


ananthak....thanks man...the OISS sent me an email confirming my acceptance.....sent a pdf file which one has to fill for the i20.........yes based in chennai...


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What does it mean when they say: "Formal acceptance will be granted upon completion of all graduate prerequisites"?

Also, anyone have the down low on when we get our financial aid letters?


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Completion of graduate prereq's is turning in the medical forms and the deposit that came with the acceptance package I do believe.

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