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Loyola Marymount Fall 2010

Matthe Riley

New Member
I am trying to finding out more information about LMU. I was recently accepted to the production program and am waiting to here back from Chapman's screenwriting program. I took a tour of Chapman and met with the Chair of the Programs and was very impressed. I am going to do the same at LMU this monday.

To those who decided to go to LMU, what makes this program worth the money? From what I have read and heard it doesn't seem that the facilities are as near as good to Chapman's, USC, etc... So what made this program for you equal value to those other?

I am just trying to get as much info before I make a final decision to go or not. Vs wait a year and re-apply to more schools and my top choices.

you can email me at:


Hi all,

I had previously accepted my admittance into LMU, but ended up changing my mind and declining.

Just wanting to let any wait-listers know there should be at least one spot opening up in production!

Best of luck.

Alex Wilson

New Member
Hey everyone,
I'm going to LMU Grad school in the Fall for writing and producing for television. I'm moving from Arkansas with my girlfriend and was wondering if anyone had any off campus housing recommendations? Can't wait to get out there!


Alex Wilson

New Member
Just read some of the earlier posts. 4ms4 would you mind emailing me some recs for housing you were talking about? That would be awesome as I'm clueless as to where to live haha. My email is j.alexwilson at gmail dot com. I'm also on facebook and would love to connect with people in the program. Thanks!

EDIT: Please don't post your e-mail address naked. You must hide it from the e-mail bots. That is - unless you like getting spam. :) I edited your e-mail address so it would be hidden from spambots.
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Chris W

Willem was robbed
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Edited e-mail address. Pls don't post naked e-mails - unless you like getting spam.

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Ford Charles

New Member
I have also got admitted for writing and producing for tv. I am also looking for an apartment/housing to move in for Aug month. I have been recommended by one of the LMU alumni to consider the 'Pacific Garden Apartments' & 'Valencia apartments' in Hawthorne. I have to check the apartment ratings website to know how good these are.

I am looking for housing within 5 to 7 miles from LMU. My budget for rent is $ 1,100 to $ 1,300. Can anyone please recommend any other apartments near that area with these criteria's?
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Hey new incoming LMU grad student in production. I'm moving down to LA sometime this summer from northern California and was wondering if anyone has info on good housing or apartments near campus. Since I'm new to the area, I'm looking for roomates, was thinking about getting a group of film students together to go in on renting a house or apartment near campus. Let me know if your interested here or you can message me on facebook: Devin Wilson, sonoma.
I'm also in for writing and producing for TV. Message me on Facebook if your lookong to have a roommate. I can be found as either Brandon Tanori or Dailyn Dominic

Obi Rob Kenobi

New Member
Okie dokie,

I've been in LA for the past three days, visiting LMU, looking for apartments. I'm focusing on the Westchester neighborhood, right next to LMU, so I can walk to campus. I'm finding that there are decent apartments for 750 to 1000, if you hunt them out, and you can almost count on more apartments opening up at the end of the summer.

I met with Interim Dean Duncan yesterday, and I was very impressed by his take on what to expect from the LMU program. Without putting words in his mouth, he has a high expectation of the work of grad students. He is an intense, but very funny guy. He said we're going to be worked and drilled and prepared. Hit the ground running.

If you can't tell, I'm excited.

Rob D


Hey all -

I'm a second year screenwriter at LMU - congrats to everyone who's joining us in the fall!

I see a lot of you commenting/asking about housing. There are a lot of different options available - on-campus apartment, cheap fully-furnished apartments, pricy high-end apartments, renting in a private home, etc. A few of us lived on campus last year--4 screenwriters and 4 production students, which is about 1/3 of each program. I can't speak for the others but overall I was glad I lived on campus. If anyone has questions about campus housing I can give you specifics/opinions.

For off campus, I recommend you check out this site - http://och.lmu.edu/

It's a housing website that's only for LMU students (which means that you need to have your MYLMU and Prowl accounts set up to get in). You can find other LMU students looking for roommates, find rooms to rent in private homes, and occasionally you can find people doing "rent for services," which usually means that people cut back your rent if you watch their kids for a certain number of hours each week/month.

Please please please feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try my best to answer them. Or you can private message me and I'll give you my info so we can make it official and be facebook friends!

Should I start a new thread for questions? There are a few other 2nd years on here somewhere who could probably answer questions with me...
In LMU for Film and Television Production Program,

1) What medium students work: Film or Video?
2) What editing software they use?
3) Is MAC computer required?


The Film and Television Production program is new, so I can't answer those questions with guaranteed accuracy, but I can answer based on the Production grad program.

1.) I asked one of the Production grad students, he said they were required to use film for first year, but most will probably switch to video in second year because of the lower cost.

2.) I think most used Final Cut Pro this past year. I'm not sure if anybody uses Avid or not.

3.) There's an editing lab on campus that has Macs with Final Cut Pro installed. I believe that as long as you're taking a class where editing is required, you'll be able to schedule time in the editing lab.
Thanks for the info Skipper.

I have applied for the student loan to cover the tuition fees. I am planning to work 10 - 15 hours per week for covering the living expenses. I have less than 4K as of now.

When I checked the schedule for MFA Production program, there are no classes on F, Sa, Su. So, I am planning to work on Su.

Lot has been discussed on this forum about working during first year of film studies. Is it common in LMU, student's working or will the coursework keep them busy all the time?


Again, it's a little difficult to predict since the Film and TV Prod program is new.

For both the Screenwriting and Production programs, we seem to never have classes on Fridays (first year Screenwriters didn't have any classes on Mondays either this past year).

But as you said - coursework does keep us busy. I think the productions students shot the majority of the footage for their projects on weekends. They were required to help with each other's projects, so for example during the last month and a half or so of the spring semester, most of them were on set every weekend for at least part of the weekend.

I don't think many of the production grads worked during the semester, but I think it's possible. You'd really have to manage your time closely to make sure you're getting all your assignments in. Ideally, you should try to find a job on campus because they'll at least be a little more understanding of your class schedule, etc. You can search for on-campus jobs through the Career Services website.

I'll try to get one of the 2nd year production students back on here to answer your questions too.
Originally posted by Silverlenz:
I was going to apply until I saw they required the GRE. I just cant justify paying 150 bucks to take a test for one school. Besides that I also decided not to apply because I'm anti standardized testing. I honestly don't feel they give a good indicator of how well someone can do. But anyways good luck to all those who apply.


LOL* Wow, you sound like me. But I am keeping it as a safe school in case my top 4 don't play out so well. So I plan to submit everything but the GRE very early. I've also talked to the dean of the school, Dr. Gebhard. He says GPA matters more than GRE. I can submit after I get accepted. But I think he was just trying to get me to apply. Anyway, I hate standardize tests.

I'm not even sure how many times a year the GRE is offered.

Razor Ramone

New Member
Now that everyone in this thread is either 2nd or 3rd year Screenwriting or Writing and Producing for Television majors, I was just wondering how you like the programs?

The reason I ask is someone posted a scathing review about their production program and I wanted to know if this was true about the writing ones as well or if you're all very happy with them? Any insight and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry for the late reply. I can speak for the Writing and Producing for TV program. I am starting my second semester of my second year and I am very happy with its progress. This past fall we wrote our first Drama and Comedy Spec in class, which is taught by seasoned professionals that have credits include creating NY Undercover, several episodes of The Shield and many others for Drama. For Comedy our professor has credits from Small Wonder, Who's the Boss, Amen, and Perfect Strangers.

This semester we will be writing our pilots for comedy and drama, which will be an awesome ride. Just so you know its easier to transition to Film from TV then it is from Film to TV. Just food for thought.

This is still a new program and you would potentially be part of its 3rd year in existence. LMU is a great learning environment and I am grateful from the attention that I get from Faculty and staff, which genuinely want me to succeed.

I cant imagine anyone that was a student at LMU that would write such a bad review, but I chalk that up to their own short comings in this fickle industry.

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