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Well if enough people are already going some place else to grad school, maybe you and me Skipper are on the waitlist. So we'll not hear anything for another week or two. Hmmmmm....let's see...let's hope.


Hey guys, didn't want to post another thread so I'll just ask my question here,

Is LM as... umm... " Christian " as it advertises? I mean, how exactly does the religious component work into the university itself?



I'm currently at LMU in the grad screenwriting program. It is a Jesuit school, but the religious aspect is not overwhelming at all. Nothing religious is forced on you nor have I had anyone question me or judge me when I tell them that I'm not very religious. It hasn't actually even come up since my roommates and I sat around talking when we first met.

The religious component "works into the university" in a more personal way I think - they hold mass a few nights a week I think, which means that people are obviously going, but it's their choice, not a mandatory thing. There are campus priests (I guess that's what they're called? I'm not Catholic, I don't know these things) who seem to just be a welcome part of the community, but again in a totally non-invasive way.

Do they advertise the Christian thing a lot? I don't remember feeling that they were emphasizing that they're Christian school as much as Pepperdine, for example.

Hope I answered your question...


Hey guys thanks in advance for all the information. I am interested in applying for LMU, but my first criterion of elimination is does it require a GRE ..? i ditn take one.. not bent on taking one too. Please advice.


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Hey skipper,
I just got accepted into LMU screenwriting for the mfa and I'm trying to decide where to go (I also applied and was accepted into a creative writing mfa program). Why did you go to LMU? What are the pros and the cons? Also, what do you think are the pros and cons of going for a screenwriting mfa in general?


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The neighborhood is super nice! Secluded from the craziness of LA and a very low crime rate. LMU just feels safe and like everyones saying, the campus and the surroundings are stunningly beautiful!!!
Originally posted by Maijodojo:
How is the area around LMU? Did it seem to be a nice part of town, or more on the sketchy side? (sorry, I've never been to L.A. so my knowledge of the neighborhoods is pretty bad).

Also did you get to take a tour of the facilities there? How are they?


Yes on the GRE. I heard somewhere that the Analytical Writing score is mucho importante to the LMU admissions committee in regards to the Screenwriting program and the Writing & Producing for TV program. That score comes from your response to analyzing two different arguments and writing in essay format. I got a 5 out of 6. I did 82% on the verbal with a 580 and got a 570 on Math (not so great, but again.. I think they were looking at my verbal scores more).

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