Miami vs CSUF - Any advice would be great!

Hey folks.

I'll try to keep this brief. I am planning to go to grad school to get credentials to teach. I applied to a handful of schools got a no from some turned down some others, and basically what it has come down to is a decision between Miami and CSUF.

Miami's MFA is film production which is more lucrative because there are more jobs. It would also help with my overall filmmaking skills and allow me to make stuff again which is very exciting. They offered me a scholarship which cuts tuition in half, as well as a graduate assistantship. However if CSUF offers me no aid, they will still be significantly cheaper than Miami.

CSUF is in a better location. I love socal, I love orange county, I hate humidity, it's close to the industry, and I have friends out there.
Miami I don't know anyone, don't know their film industry, and am scared of being wet all the time.

Anyway it seems though it comes down to CSUF being cheaper, but it's a degree in screenwriting and I don't know if that makes finding a job teaching in that field impossible?

Anyway, any thoughts or advice would be very very welcome!

Thanks everyone!

So I did my undergrad at CSUF and I took a lot of screenwriting courses while I was there. The screenwriting faculty are amazing. They're extremely knowledgable and ready to help. Most of them are still working and have credits from shows/films you'll recognize.

I know part of the MFA program includes a teaching portion where they teach a lesson to an undergrad screenwrtiing class.

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