My name is Skip Surguine and I am. alas, too old - I am 70 - but would have loved to have had film school experience before getting into the business

Skip Surguine

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I am retired, courtesy of the DGA, so I am mostly just lurking wondering what you all go thru. Don’t get me wrong: I think attending film school is a great idea - depending how of course- on why you are doing so.
I didn’t attend film school. I was s music major at Cal State Long Beach at about the same time Steven Spielberg was there the first time (or evening s it “Stephen”? Shows how little I know.
I was in something like the 8th or 9yh class of something called the DGA/ AMPTP assistant director training plan class and I think I was, in retrospect, an experiment of sorts.
Still, I ended up spending the better part of my twenties and thirties in the business, so I find it fascinating to hearing f other people’s stories. Best wishes. I mean that.,Write me or post if a I can tell you anything useful. Some of my credits - enough of them anyway - are In to tell you whatvI did.

Chris W

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That's awesome! Welcome to the site. You were an AD? Very cool.

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