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A new version of the site launched today and one of the great new features is that Application Tracking is now built into the site. In previous years our wonderful users created Google Spreadsheets for the tracking and they were quite helpful. The new built in Application Tracking has some awesome new features that are just not possible with the Google sheets:
  • The ability to "watch" a Category (Fall 2019, etc...) and be instantly notified when a new Application is submitted.
  • The ability to "watch" an individual Application and be instantly notified when it is updated with new information such as interview dates or decisions.
  • The ability to reply and ask questions about an individual Application.
  • The ability to OPTIONALLY embed MUCH more material with an application such as essays, video links, etc. This will be hidden to the internet and Google so only site members can see it.
  • And maybe most importantly no random internet user can mess up the entire Spreadsheet anymore. :) This should make a lot of people happy.
I hope everyone enjoys it and finds the new feature useful. If you have a suggestion on how to make it better please let me know. If you've added your application to this year's spreadhseet please add it to the new tracking system here.

PS - If anyone wants to get paid to help enter the HUNDREDS old old applications from previous years into the system please let me know. You can learn about past year's Application seasons AND be paid to do it. :)

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