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NEW FEATURE: Classifieds (for help finding a roommate, textbooks, work...etc)

Chris W

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Thanks to the help of the site's Supporting Members I'm now able to launch a new feature for the site... Classifieds!

You can post ads in categories such as:
  • Student Housing
  • Filmmaking Textbooks
  • Filmmaking Equipment
  • Film Help Wanted
    • Casting Calls
    • Composer Wanted
    • Film Crew Wanted
    • Screenwriter Wanted
    • Special FX & Editing Wanted
  • Available for Work
    • Actor / Actress
    • Directors of Photography
    • Film Composers
    • Screenwriters
    • Set Designers
    • Special FX and Editing


You can also leave feedback for sellers and ask questions.


If you have any ideas for more categories let me know.

Regular members can have one "active" ad at a time and they expire in 14 days.

Supporting Members can have 5 "active" ads at a time, expire in 60 days, and they are able to "feature" their ads so that they show at the top of the Classifieds list. Ads automatically "un-feature" after 30 days but you can feature them again.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you like the new feature!
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