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The old Student Groups system has been relaunched into a Private School Forums and School Badges system. If you are an accepted applicant, current student, or alumni you can now get a badge for the school next to your name and access to the Private Forum for the school if you are a Supporting Member.

The private forums are a good way for accepted applicants, current students, and alumni to share more personal info as they'll be meeting in real life soon. Think of it as a closed Facebook group.

Here are the benefits of the new system:
  • BADGES! - This has been a feature request for a LONG TIME. You now have School Badges next to your user name if you are an accepted applicant, current student, or alumni. To get the badge you need to be a Supporting Member and send me a PM. The badge gives you access to the school's private forum on the site. Note - if your Supporting Membership expires you will STILL have access to these private forums.

    Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 7.12.57 AM.png

  • Completely Private Forums - These forums are absolutely hidden to the public web and anyone who doesn't have the School Badge. You can share more personal info here for meetups, social media accounts, etc...

    Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 11.03.22 PM.png

  • Better Management - In the old Student Group system the users created the groups (cool!) but then were bombarded with membership requests (not so cool)... In this new system will handle all memberships. Just PM me to join.
  • How do I get a school badge and access the private forums? If you are an accepted applicant and a Supporting Member just send me a PM. If you are ALREADY a current student and attending or an alumni just send me a PM and I'll add you as I'd love to get new students as much help as possible. The badge and access will never expire unless you ask for it to be removed.

  • What if my Supporting Membership expires? The badge will never expire and you will STILL have the badge and access to the private forums. You will ONLY lose access if you violate forum rules or ask to be removed.
Enjoy! Please let me know if you have any questions.
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