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NEW FEATURES: Similar threads, Question & Answer voting, User Profile banners, & GIF support

I'm happy to announce the following great new features on the site. Enjoy!

Similar Threads​

In addition to a list of similar threads at the bottom of posts, now when you post a new thread it will show a list of other threads that may be similar to what you are about to post in case you want to reply to an old thread instead of creating a new one.

similar threads.jpg

Question and Answer voting​

In our Application Questions forum you can now vote on the best answers or even mark something the best answer if you created the post.


User Profile Banners​

You can now put a banner image on your profile.


GIF support​

And perhaps most important at all... you can now post GIFs using the GIF tool. :)


buster keaton close call GIF
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Also I added an Unanswered Threads forum that lists all... unanswered threads. If you can take a look at them and help others out that would be awesome. :)


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