NFTS 2014


Yeah... What ever will be if some of you want to talk via FB, share films or something I'm sure we would learn a lot from one another and if not at least see a good film and get to know someone from the future film industry. I'm sure you are all great since you got to the interview. Have a nice evening.


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i know i'm trying out for a completely different course but i'm totally feeling you and you shouldnt lose hope!
plus, even if you dont get in, you got invited to the interview which means you're on the right path and the only thing you need to do is keep going .)
good luck!


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Congrats Nalcsart, I didn't even get that. :(

Look at it this way, you might get on in 2015 but I imagine you'll definitely get on in 2016.

I'm obviously disappointed but I only started making films 18 months ago. I'm hungry to get filming straight away after that email.


Yup. Next year...again... But now I'll apply to more schools than this so if you have recommendations...anywhere in the world... Sad that no one here got a spot this year. But maybe we'll be classmates next year :) Bakunin how did it go for you? This place has been great to have during the waiting and after, thanks a lot for posting. Have a great year and if some one wants to chat and exchange films my offer still stands. Or take a coffee if you come to Stockholm :) I live there.
Good luck everyone!
Editgirlie, nope. But I dont think they're in a hurry... It's been a month since the initial deadline and they're still accepting applications for Digital Effects...

Bettina Smith

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I've applied for Directing Fiction also and still have heard nothing! I'm from California, and am used to the fall start date, so the waiting is killing me! Good luck to all!
Just got an e-mail from the registry sayin they're sorry it takes this long but the Sift Panel is still revewing applications and they hope to have an answer shortly... I applied for digital effects.


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Hey Alex - was that a reply to an email you sent them? I also have applied for digital effects - the waiting to hear is driving me a bit crazy!
I've just received an e-mail from NTfS; they invited me for an interview on September 9th. Fingers crossed for you guys and girls, i wish you good luck and hope to see you there...

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