NFTS Applications 2021 - The one where the world seems to be on fire....


do they send rejection emails last if I understand correctly?

Perhaps. I think it depends on the course you are applying for. I had my interview and I was offered a place a week later. It depends on how many applications they have to go through. Hang in there! :)


ah ok well congratulations !! and you don't know if all the admitted students received the answer on the same day as you

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Enjoy! :)


Yeah so we are in the same boat, I have been thinking more about this course at NFTS. LFS is prohibitively expensive, at least for me, and NFTS is far more accessible in terms of fees - half price in fact. The Directing TV course is not what I would want to do however I have been thinking more about it - its a very industry focused Masters and people do go on to be Heads of Development and TV producers in various capacities. I mean you get a fully funded pilot TV show at the end of the course that is shown to several industry professionals - managers, prodcos, development execs etc. I think that’s kind of invaluable.

Well, I went for it. 😅

Back to the waiting game.

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