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I'm from India. I was planning on enrolling for the One Year Conservatory Filmmaking Course at the NYFA, NY campus. I've done some research and have read some reviews. I've noticed people calling NYFA a scam. Now I'm worried because I cannot afford any Graduate programs as that would mean tuition fees for 3 years and I couldn't find better schools with one year programs. All I'm looking to learn are the basics of filmmaking. Please tell me if there are any non degree filmmaking programs in any good schools.

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Hey there,

I went to NYFA and it is not a scam. However, it is expensive for what you get. It sounds like you know what you need, and for the skills you want I would recommend Sharp Focus Media Academy. You can see their yelp reviews here
And see they are exactly what you need. If you want to jump start a career in film without all of the tuition money, go with Sharp Focus Media Academy. You can look through their website at and learn about how the program is right for you. Like I said, I have been to NYFA and I think sharp focus is a lot better, for a lot less money.
Once you look through the sight and decide to apply, use my name Evan Cooper as a referral for an advantage in the selection process. I hope to hear about go you made the right decision to attend Sharp Focus.

Best of luck to you
you can check out the Digital Film Academy located in NY. We are offer the lowest tuition in NY and we have many international students at our school along with many people from India. We offer a one year program that will teach you everything you need to know about filmmaking and you will get a hand on experience. By the time your training is complete you will have completed 10 films! We also offer unlimited access to our state of the art equipment. Check us out and see what our students are saying -

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