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NY Times article on Film Graduates


Ya interesting article... kinda sucks reading that theres an increase in applicants when you're also going to apply! But I won't get discouraged
Did anyone look at the comment section? A real perspective of life after film school.

"I wish I got a liberal arts degree and knew more about political science, philosophy,and finance. This teaches critical thinking which would have been useful in filmmaking."

"You can get the same experience and at a much cheaper cost working in the industry for a year with unpaid internship, low paying production gig."

"The film industry is sexist. How many female directors, cinematographers, sound specialist do you know?"

"I made $3 per hour after film school. After 40 years, I gave up."
I would take many of these comments with a grain of salt. There is a very active online campaign to bash film schools in an attempt to force people into different types of programs that seem to be run solely for profit. One of the commenters, Seth Hymes, openly admits he is part of this cohort. While film school is hardly a ticket for success, I think that it is undersold here. It gives you the means to enter the industry, but ultimately it is what you make of it.


Having gone through the expensive film school route, I'd say the article is accurate.
Realistically, it's a major sink of money for a completely uncertain future where credentials and degrees don't matter.
As has been said numerous times - you get out of film school what you put into it AND it works for some, not for others.

Film has always been a risky business - there are no "sure things," and film school will not change that.

Film school can still give you hands on training, networking opportunities, and broaden your education.

You can also work at Burger King, charge an entire feature film on a credit card, and sell it for a bazillion dollars.

It depends what kind of person you are and what you want to do.

But there are people in every major that will not get jobs in the field they study, that's just how it is.

I chose not to go to film school, but that's just me. I wasn't looking to make it a career.

Steve Bernard

New Member
Hello hedgesPictures ,
very funny what a great thought work in the burger kings , charge an entire picture with credit card and than Sell it at bazillion dollars. ha ha ha ha very funny you might be a very talented man who use the credit period of the credit very well to make your profit.

I am very impressed.

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