I know how infamous NYFA is for the bachelor's but I was wondering if the MFA program is just as bad.

I haven't really heard much about it until a friend brought it up, b/c I thought they only did BA degree.


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it's not a proper film school for a long program like MFA that requires alot of resources and structuring. it's a for profit school. there are no sound stages, recording studios, no internship and work placement etc etc. it is more suitable if you are taking a summer program because that's all you need, a camera to shoot and a imac to edit. those they have plenty.

nyfa never had BFA when i was there, im surprised that they even offer a Bfa now. it's kind of a way for them to make more money i guess. otherwise, it is easy to enter nyfa, just apply, you will get in. Do consider nyfa only if you couldnt enter top tie film college. I don't know why, but somehow to industry people, nyfa is a joke. so i guess pride still stands out. hope this will help


I applied to MFA @ AFI and NYFA, I've already been accepted to the latter, and waiting acceptance to AFI.

afallingbomb28, did u apply somewhere?

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