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Who is applying this year? And what are you applying with - play, screenplay or TV-pilots? One week to go and I'm still in re-write and editing mode, I figured I'd start this thread to distract/procrastinate a little! :)


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I'm applying for the first time, sending in two pilot scripts. Finished them a while ago but just been polishing and editing. I really like how NYU has a multi medium curriculum with tv/movies/stage. So you get to dabble in everything


Good luck to you both! I am sure they're completely fine with 89.5 pages. I really like their multi medium approach as well.. at this point NYU is my first choice. Submitted a feature screenplay.

Feels so strange to have worked so hard on all these applications and now suddenly not having anything to do with my time but wait! Countdown beings..

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While everyone is waiting for more info PLEASE take a moment to review the program on our site as an APPLICANT: (it can be anonymous)

Please list your pros and cons and why you applied to this program. Please also review all of the other programs that you applied to on the site. It will help others A TON. :)

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Thank you! It'll be a HUGE help to the site and fellow applicants. :)
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