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NYU Dramatic Writing Program - Fall 2012

@DawesComedy - Congrats! Did they give you a deadline for when to submit your deposit by? I was L
also accepted off of the waitlist for TV yesterday, and I wasn't sure if the person I spoke to mentioned a deadline...
I don't think he mentioned a specific date for me either. Although I do remember something about a couple weeks to decide.

How sure are you feeling about your ability to go? I should be able to say with 100% certainty if I'll be there over the next couple days. (Offers up a chant to the mighty God of Academic Paperwork)
It's easy to find a faculty list for the DW department... But, does anyone know which professors actually teach the screenwriting classes, such as Graduate Screenwriting Workshops 1 and 2?? Thanks!


Sabrina Dhawan is the head of the screenwriting concentration. I can take a look at the Fall course offering schedule when I get home to see who else teaches screenwriting classes.
Sorry its been awhile I have been on here. I was accepted at NYU Tisch Aisa and given a 13,000 scholarship. I am soooooooo going!
To the screenwriters (accepted or not, doesn't matter)...
Why NYU DW instead of the other programs? What do you expect to get out of the DW program that is better than the other top schools for screenwriting?


Even though I applied for screenwriting, I like the idea of trying TV writing and playwriting as well. The other programs lock you in to feature writing, which some may view as an advantage.
Cool, thanks for replying. I'm looking at the faculty members who are teaching the required screenwriting classes at NYU DW this Fall, and I hate to say it but I ain't that impressed :( Anyone, feel free to change my mind about that - or about NYU DW teaching faculty, in general. I agree that doing some playwrighting sounds good, but 4 classes of it? I'm not sure if maybe I'd rather have that time for screenwriting.
Anyone else?
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I'm looking at the Graduate checklist and, unless I misunderstand, you are only REQUIRED to take 1 playwriting course during the two year program. Maybe a current student can weigh in on this.
as a **screenwriter**, one is required to take "Graduate Playwriting 1" in the first semester, then "Graduate Playwriting 2" in the spring semester (first year only). So, during the first year, in those classes, you must write a short play, a one-act play, and a full-length play (maybe more). One is also require to take "Forms of Drama 1" and "Forms of Drama 2," which are all about the history of theater, starting with ancient Greece and going up to the present. In your second year, you are free to not do anymore playwriting, i think.


Forms of Drama I and II are courses in dramtic writing, but not courses which require you to write plays. I do not think Grad Playwriting II is required. My Grad checklist says it's optional and that I can instead take Grad Screenwriting or One Hour TV.

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