NYU Dramatic Writing

Yeah, I'm not sure either. I figured since AFI and other writing programs do interviews, NYU would do them too.

Any idea on how many people apply and how many get accepted?


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Hey, has anyone heard anything new this week? I haven't heard anything from NYU dramatic writing and don't know when/if they call for interviews.


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I was going to apply to the DW program at NYU, but my playwriting professor (who graduated from the program) told me not to. It's too restricted apperantly. You all should look into film production at NYU as well.


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It wasn't creative enough...The professor didn't give them any freedom to write, really. I met a man who transfered from the DW to Film production and was a lot happier.


I spoke with Joe m. at NYU today--he's the guy you email about the wait list. According to Joe; moving from the MFA Dramatic Writing waitlist won't happen until the end of May. And, the waitlist could stay open all summer. Tisch-Asia wait list "moves" could happen sooner. "The department has more information."
Think I'll try them next. Any body have a point of contact in the DWP?


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FYI, anyone from 2009 NYU Dramatic Writing applicant pool:

I just talked to someone in admissions, they say they're not doing interviews this year for DW students.


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Hey guys, this afternoon I got a little call from a professor at NYU Dramatic Writing. It was sort of an interview, but since it caught me completely off-guard it went by like a blur.

He was very clear that this does Not mean I'm accepted, but that it was a good sign. I have NO idea if they have any intention to call everyone they are considering or anything. Just reporting. He was extremely nice. I was so thrown I didn't ask when decisions would be sent out! I'll send an e-mail in the next few days though.


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Hey I got a call from NYU Dramatic Writing today, but it was noisy where I was so I scheduled to talk to the professor tomorrow morning (or....in a few hours...DAMNIT! I need to get to bed.) I have no idea what to expect on this one.


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I just talked to a professor at NYU, and it lasted fifteen minutes or so. He asked some simple questions that I was prepared for because it was similar to other interview questions talked about on this forum, nothing out of the ordinary. He did ask me what I was working on now. I didn't get a chance to ask when decisions would be made!

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