NYU Dramatic Writing


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Haha, yeah, its funny they don't let you know when decisions will be made. I'm e-mailing the guy I spoke to today and hopefully will get an answer. I don't want to be pushy, but answers are always nice. I suspect we will hear after NYU's spring break (which is mid-March).


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However, I did read somewhere in this forum that Tish is not doing interviews for DW this year. I have no idea if this info is accurate, though.


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Hello all 2009/DW applicants,

I'm curious if anyone here has gotten the email which other Tisch applicants appear to have gotten, which gives you a link and a PIN code to check your application status?

Let me know, I haven't heard a peep from NYU since sending in my app!


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hey Miriam!! I'm a Senior in high school that applied to the DW department. I am mostly into screenwriting and don't have much experience in playwriting, so I was wondering how you like it. Do you think it will be worth learning for me?


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Hey, ThePerk, I'm pretty sure (although, Miriam, feel free to correct me) that Miriam decided to go to Columbia instead of NYU-DW.


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Perhaps, its up to the reviewers or not a set rule. Because I got a very interview-like phone call last week.

Or maybe I'm on the bubble? Who knows. The school is very secretive, I feel like, haha


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He asked like "what are you working on now?" "what have you done since college?" That sort of thing. He said he had read my materials (mostly TV stuff). Maybe TV does semi-interviews and not film?? Because there are 3 areas of focus (screenwriting, tv-writing and playwriting)


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Eeep, Panda_Bear, I'm sorry to upset you! I really have no idea what the deal is! Be optimistic! It's all a giant riddle!


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Hello, folks! I also had a phone interview for Dramatic Writing, which I believe I bombed. I was told letters would go out in the coming week or two. But other MFA writing divisions at NYU are notified by phone. Has anyone received an acceptance call for Dramatic Writing? If you do get one, please post! Good luck to all!


I've heard once or twice that Goldberg wasn't performing interviews for their dramatic writing MFAs this year. But so many people are getting interviews. Now I'm beginning to worry. Especially because I declined admission to Tisch Asia last year after being waitlisted for NYC.


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I had the same experience as Suzako for dramatic writing. Phone interview, same questions, but my sample was film not tv. There is no rhyme or reason! ahh...
Are you guys checking your tisch website application accounts? Because I thought someone said that's how they were rejected so now I'm checking it obsessively.

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