NYU Dramatic Writing


Dang. Wish I could. I have to work. I'm also missing the do at USC on April 3rd (I got in there too). I have one of those jobs where "you have to be there" means YOU HAVE TO BE THERE.


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I kinda feel like going to the dinner will matter more if I have a choice (like you do, TDK120). But since I haven't heard back yet from Columbia, I don't know if I have a decision to make. But I'd like to go to the dinner regardless, of course, its just tricky.

Madison Ave

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That makes sense. I only applied to NYU, since I'd taken classes there before during the summer, so I'm really going just to meet the other people in the class.


Yeah, give them a call. They say it's just a meet and greet, but the invitation is for accepted students, current students and faculty. Might as well go if you can.


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Ok, I'm officially going to this dinner thingy! I must admit I'm leaning towards Columbia but I want to give NYU a fair shake and do due diligence and yadda yadda, I'll be there.

I wonder how big a thing this will be. They moved the start from 7 to 6, which makes me nervous that its going to big production.


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Originally posted by luverbouy:
I interviewed in person at Columbia and then was rejected (playwriting). The NYU phone interview went well, though. Keep the faith. Those are all the best programs!

Hey luverbuoy, what was your impression of the Columbia (playwriting) interview? Mine was that it was largely informational (a fact I would rather have known before dropping the $500 to make the trip in person). Did you get that sense?

Were you offered a spot on the waitlist at all? I wasn't, although I specifically asked about it after getting the rejection.

I haven't heard from Columbia Film, so I'm assuming that's a rejection. And I was rejected from NYU, so it looks like a "bye" year for me.

Good luck with the rest of your applications!


Yes, Columbia playwriting interview was the worst for me. C. Mee sat back with his arms crossed and asked me if I had a questions, then he had none for me. It was awkward. I knew when I left that I probably did not get in. I really wish I had opted for the phone interview. But, all things considered, I learned that the program was just not for me.


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So Madison Ave, it was good to meet you last night! Was anyone else there? I thought it was really nice and fun. It definitely made me feel warm and fuzzy.


Congratulations to all those who made it! Was just wondering, is anyone here still on the waitlist for Dramatic Writing? I know a few people for Tisch have been accepted from the waitlist, but I didn't know if anyone from Dramatic Writing has. I'm still on, but it's looking bleak.

Anyone have a good contact for information? I can't seem to get a hold of Joe Miserendino, and I've been refraining from contacting people really because I don't want to be a pest.

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