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Oh boy, I got my email offering to be considered for Tisch Asia. My hat's still in the NYU ring.

Feels just like redemption!


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Did you get the waitlisted word via email or snail mail or phone call, pleides? Congrats on that. That's good news, isn't it?


Waitlisted for NYU Tisch, and I just logged into my application account as per the links included in the NYU email notifying me that "your decision is now available"

As for whether it's good news? Yeah, it is, because it means that I wasn't unceremoniously rejected by every school I applied to this year. I find it kind of ironic that the decision has ultimately led me to more waiting, for another decision. I'm happy it wasn't a no, but then again, this whole process makes me want to eat my own head.
Ah crap! So I guess that means everyone whose gotten in thus far received a phone call for an interview. Ugh does not bode well.

Not quite sure if I should see it as a good or bad thing that I still haven't heard anything back yet,

Neville26 gave a pretty interesting and informative description of how things work in admissions offices, but I figure it shouldn't take that long even if they have to update each applicants status individually.

Just want an answer, I really kind of need some kind of victory ever since I graduated back in 2008 I've encountered nothing but a continued sense of failure. All of my internships have left me with nothing (except for maybe a t-shirt and a mug and useless "thank you for all your hard work") and all of my creative endeavors have failed spectacularly. It'd be nice to actually have something work out for a change.


I really just want to know what my decision is. Have I been waitlisted, accepted or rejected? The waiting game continues...
Argh I'm driving myself nuts over this. AT first I thought it might be a good sign when I didn't immediately receive some kind of rejection notice in my email.

But the more I think about it maybe only the people who were given email rejection notices were people who were wait listed to the asia program. Maybe the rest of them are being delivered via snail mail. UGH THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!

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I was going to say, Lobster, you'll drive yourself nuts trying to figure out what exactly is going on with the admissions process right now but you pointed that out already. :D

I don't mean to imply that I'm not a bit whacked out at the moment, because I totally am. I just can't make sense out of any of this. It makes even less sense when looking at the way things went down in previous years.

I think I may keep silent and draw my own confusions.
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When I met with a program administrator last summer at Tisch, he mentioned they had around 350 applicants last year. I bet this year it was around that number or more


pleiades, congrats on making the waitlist. That is an accomplishment in and of itself. It is a long and difficult road with, gulp, even more waiting, and I sympathize. I was on the NYU waitlist last year myself. But keep hope alive, I think that at least one or two people on the boards last year were accepted from the waitlist, so you're not out of the runnings yet. Best of luck!


Hey Feather, good to hear from ya! Thanks for the encouragement and well wishes. Where are you in this whole process? Have you heard from NYU yet?

When I went back raking through the boards, it didn't seem like the odds were stacked in my favour. I'm working on Plan B trying my hardest to ignore the fact that there's a sliver of a hair of chance I might still get in.

Hope this isn't hitting a nerve or anything, but when did the school finally let you know it wasn't meant to be? I just kinda want to get an idea of whether I'll be waiting till September. Cuz that would truly suck ass...to get rejected after like nine months of waiting.


Hi pleiades, unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from NYU yet. In terms of what happened last year, though, happy to give you what info I have.

Unfortunately, I'm very sorry to report that I didn't hear from NYU that a place did not open up until toward the end of September. I know that hearing that probably doesn't help matters much, sorry. I think most people who were pulled from the list were pulled sometime in May-ish.


Originally posted by Feather:
Hi pleiades, unfortunately, I haven't heard anything from NYU yet.
Man the whole process is such a black box. It's like we've all purchased $65 lottery tickets. Seriously... sorry to hear, but fingers still crossed for you.

Thanks for sharing anyhow. It looked like the previous years worked out as you said - students pulled off the waitlist once the first round of offers were accepted or rejected in May. What would I give to be "girl in cardigan" right now?! She is probably prancing around New York in a pink cardigan with a script in one hand and James Franco in the other. Also, fountains and firecrackers are going off too.

I'm going to be so fat at the end of the summer.

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