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Just got the email link. Rejected. Good luck to everyone else who's still waiting and rooting on NYU Dramatic Writing.


Just got my rejection notice too. Congrats to all those who made it, best of luck to the waitlisters, hopeful wishes to the Tisch Asia crowd, and my sympathy and solidarity to those who didn't make it this year.


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Sorry guys.... Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of your applications and schools.

@Neville26- Have you decided what school you're going to in the Fall?

Just got my rejection notice online...ugh there goes 9 months of coordination and effort down the drain. Although at least now I can make a very passionate phone call and get my recommendations.


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Delurking to say, just got rejected. Hrmph.

It's a huge consolation that USC accepted me for screenwriting, so I guess I shouldn't complain. One thing I will point out that I think is slightly unfair about NYU is that they only allow for one complete writing sample, whereas USC and Columbia asked for a variety of smaller pieces. While being judged on one script is I guess more true-to-life, it sort of sucks if the one script you happen to think represents you is the only thing a reviewer can see of you.

Or maybe I'm just bitter. Lolz.

Congrats to all who made it in, and good luck to everyone else!


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Yeah, I agree minomino. I don't think it gives the Admissions office a great picture of who you are, but I guess such is life. And I'm okay with how it all turned out.

Sorry Levimfs and others. It does suck, still. But I felt like on the whole, I spent the least amount of time on my app to NYU so it doesn't hurt so bad. You know? Like in a relationship, if I put in a year and it ended it sucks. But if I put in a week it's like, "Okay, not gonna cry about this." Schools like UCLA, Columbia, USC, Iowa, Boston, really took a lot out of me. So I guess I was expecting more from them and hear rejections/acceptances from them different than I do to NYU. Does that make sense? All that to say, 'oh well. c'est la vie.'

I still have Boston, AFI and UCLA (and a few waitlisted schools) to consider, so I'm happy/content. And all of you who this was your last option/hope. . . it sucks now, I know about that. I got rejected to all three schools I applied to last year (USC, UCLA and Loyola) but take heart: you'll be happier and healthier next year when you go at it again, and you'll be amazed at how much this makes you see yourself better in re-writing all those essays. It doesn't sound fun now but take this opportunity to take 6 months off, do something else, work at McDonald's, something (somewhere where you have free time to write more) and go at it again. Everyone gets rejected in life. There's no reason for you to stop at this. This is but a small bump and you'll look back and see the good in it further on down the road, next year even come this time, when you get accepted into your number one choice. I can say this b/c this happened. I'm not just talking about of my big butt. MMMk? :)

Love to you all.
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Who gets into this place?

I get in USC, UCLA, AFI, maybe Columbia. But both NYU programs (Directing and Screenwriting) - no.

Is this where the artsy/pretentious reputation comes from? I'd love to know who their ideal candidate is.

USC was my first choice, so no sour grapes. But come on...


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Haha, it's tempting to think that way, Yonkondy. I guess every school has a certain criteria they're looking for. I'm not sure that means they're the artsy/pretentious type, but maybe it does mean they're looking for a particular type of individual. Maybe they do that b/c they know how their program runs and they really try to match candidates on paper who'd be great for that. Also, maybe they look for very high-caliber writers/filmmakers, and not just the "potential" of the prospective student. It seems like their Admissions' process lends itself to the former, rather than the latter. But just an assumption.


Feather that's tragic and I'm sorry. Levifms you were in my 'root for' pile too. Boo.

And Neville, when I need a visit from the hug plane, I just read your posts. You rock.

Also. I'm having trouble understanding how a USC offer can be interpreted as a consolation prize?! ha ha ...am I arguing pedantics or is that just like the most atrocious understatement of the year? CONGRATS minomino! May you fully enjoy your entitlement to mentally give NYU the middle finger for the next two years =D

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