NYU Grad Film school Fall 2021


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Hey I got an interview too. Though the mail says a small group still under consideration. Does that mean they've taken people without the interview too?

And how's everyone preparing for it?


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Congrats to both of you! It looks like they might be contacting international applicants first


Thank you!

But I'm not sure either. I'm just quoting the mail. I thought someone here might know something.
Just saw this in the FAQs on the NYU Film website, so I’m assuming this is all it means: “A small group of semi-finalists are invited to interview by the faculty.”


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Anybody else receive interview requests today?


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I haven't received anything. Hoping maybe some more will come out after the weekend. NYU interviews all of the applicants they accept I take it? Did you receive one today?
I agree, I think next week is when more will come out. Yea you need to be interviewed in order to get accepted, and nah I haven’t received any yet.

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