NYU Grad Film school Fall 2021


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What date will all of your interviews be held? Also, did professors email you guys? Or just the admissions team?

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Does anyone know what to expect with the interview/acceptance rate of those interviewed?
Check out our application database. You can use the filter to filter which prefixes to find out the information.

NYU - Graduate Film
  • FilmSchool.org NYU Acceptance Rate: 19% (43 out of 222 applications)
  • Lowest Reported Minimum GPA: 3.2
  • Earliest Interview Notification Date: February 8
  • Earliest Interview Date: February 22
  • Earliest Decision Date: February 24
Film School MFA Acceptance Rates, Minimum GPAs, Decision Dates, and more... (UPDATED with 2020 stats)

Film School MFA Acceptance Rates, Minimum GPAs, Decision Dates, and more... (UPDATED with 2020 stats)

People often ask "What is the minimum GPA for USC film school?" Or "What is the acceptance rate of NYU film school?" The problem is that Film Schools are often very tight lipped and secret about their acceptance rates and the minimum GPAs that they accept. However thanks to the over 3,200...


previous year applications seem to indicate the requests can be spread out through a couple of weeks, so fingers crossed!
Has anyone applying to the MBA/MFA heard back?

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