Hello everybody, I've been struggling to zero-in on a good film school. I found the Ohio University's Film School very appealing for various reasons:

1) It's light on the pocket.
2) Good facilities. Great program. Especially given the tuition fee, I think it's great value for money.
3) The Athens town seems extremely peaceful, just the kind of vibe I was after.

However, I am confused about a few things.

I wanted to hear from alumni or current students about the program and the faculty. I was wondering if there's any loophole to this "too-good-to-be-true" sorta program. I am looking at the direction specialization.

How hard is it to get into the MFA program? And what is the batch strength like? I hear they take only 12-14 people per batch. Is it because they're selective or is it because less people apply there?

Also, any other insights and about the college and the town in general will be much appreciated.

Thank you for taking your time and reading this one, I look forward to receiving some valuable inputs from y'all! :)

Chris W

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You can read reviews of the school on our site here:

Ohio University School of Film

Ohio University School of Film

Offering an MA in Film Studies, an MFA in Film, and a BFA in Film.

Also paging their representative on this site @wesross who can hopefully answer your questions.

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