Oscars 2015: Who SHOULD have won Best Picture?

Which film SHOULD have won Best Picture in 2015?

  • American Sniper

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

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  • The Imitation Game

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  • The Theory of Everything

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Chris W

As You Wish
Staff member
I figured I'd create some fun polls to do to get everyone's mind off of waiting to find out if they got in. First off... did you agree with Birdman winning?

Let's get a discussion going. Feel free to add your own polls as well.


Staff member
I'm not sure yet. I've only had the chance to watch Birdman and Imitation Game.
I honestly like the Imitation game much more than birdman though.
I need to watch whiplash and theory of everything (considering that i got the screener for theory of everything i should really watch it)


New Member
Yes. Overall Birdman was the most cohesive and unique film among the bunch. Boyhood was a cool concept, but I think a failure to be anything that couldn't have better been done with some make-up effects without waiting 12 years. Other movies have done a much better job showing the changes and decline of family life over a decade without the 12 year gimmick. In fact it actually weakened the plot overall as Boyhood seemed to slowly move toward an unknown meaning and then suddenly (when it was time to wrap it up and the attention started to build) they tried to wrap it up with a flood of direction as if it was the plan all along. I really enjoyed Imitation Game, Still Alice & Whiplash but these films were more excellent in certain aspects (say the acting or the editing). American Sniper and Selma were fine films, but didn't exude excellence or memorability, both filled with flaws. Grand Budapest was fun and could have been a frontrunner, but wasn't my personal favorite. And Theory of Everything in my opinion was an awful mess of story structure, over sentimental romantic dribble that went nowhere and a really really lame bunch of dialogue. Theory of Everything didn't even belong on the list. I would have liked to have seen Pride included (it was for Golden Globe comedy) as it was probably the most I've laughed and cried at a single movie all year, filled with memorable performances and a complicated, multi faceted plot that came together beautifully.

So why Birdman? It had the whole package. Acting was brilliant, full of rich characters that were entertaining to watch. The shooting technique, that could have been gimmicky like Gravity, but instead felt appropriate and lifted the story & experience. Subject matter? Taboo as it gets... Hollywood awards against Hollywood box office. Direction, supurb... our attention is directed to the right thing everytime and he made tough decisions on what the right thing would be (particularly at the end when Edward Norton takes a back seat so that Keaton can be the center of the last few scenes). Finally, a cleverly written script that satirized and also showed you a world unlike any other seen on screen (esp lately).

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