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As explained in this thread (Annual FilmSchool.org Fundraiser Drive - Let's make the site 100% member supported and ad free!) I would love to eventually make FilmSchool.org completely independent, self-sufficient, advertising free, and member supported. I believe it's an important goal to be completely free from the influence of advertisers and film schools (ala Consumer Reports).

Does FilmSchool.org provide a service to you that you would be willing to donate money to support? Or would you rather have it remain as is with banner advertisements all over the place?

If you feel like FilmSchool.org has helped you apply to film school, please consider donating money towards the running of this site.

After voting in the poll please respond to the thread with your reasoning for your answer. Thank you.

If there's anything that I can do to improve the site please let me know.
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Chris W

Willem was robbed
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Thanks everyone for their feedback so far! And a huge thank you for those have donated. I really appreciate it.

For those of you who select (it doesn't show me) the following choice:

No - FilmSchool.org is worth it but I can't donate money at this time or $10 is too much.

Is there a $ amount that you would be more willing to donate? If so I can add the amount to the choices on the donation page. :)

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