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Hi, I'm Brook. I'm new to the forum. Not sure I made this post right or it has to be individual schools...
Anyway, I applied to all top10 except for Chapman, for production major or directing major. And now I finished the interview with USC and have another one with LMU scheduling on the 6th.
I saw people in this forum receiving interview invitations for the producing programs, especially AFI and Columbia. Just wondering if the directing programs will be a little late or something...
Honestly, I'm super anxious. 😂 Everybody, please let me know if you received the interview invitation from the other schools or got acceptance letters from any of the top10s already. 🙏

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Welcome to the site! Different programs send out at different times... see the past application years in the Application Tracker or in this article:

Film School MFA Acceptance Rates, Minimum GPAs, Decision Dates, and more...

Post in the Interview/Acceptance threads for your programs for current year information:

NYU Graduate Film 2019
AFI - Directing 2019
UCLA Directing/Production Fall 2019
UT Austin MFA 2019
USC Film & TV Production 2019
Columbia University MFA Fall 2019

What is your Top 10? If there's a school that you applied to that doesn't have an Interview Acceptance Thread yet in the Interviews Acceptance & Rejection Threads (MA/MFA) forum feel free to create one. :)

Good luck!


Thank you so much! These informations are extremely helpful.

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