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For the LMU app, it asks for you to write a 5 page scene, with multiple prompt options, one of them being "A lovers' quarrel where something gets broken."

For my USC elevator scene (where two people get stuck in an elevator), I actually wrote about a lover's quarrel inside this elevator. So technically, this would work for the LMU application too, as the elevator would be the "something" that gets broken.

However, I am unsure whether I should use this, as LMU would clearly know this was also submitted for USC (since the prompt has stayed the same for multiple years). Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you!
This was my dilemma when I applied to USC and UCLA. For UCLA, there’s a option to add 10 pages of creative work and I wanted to use the elevator scene from USC because I really liked but I decided against it because I thought my feature screenplay was solid on its own. Also, I think the schools sort of know since it’s been used for many years but ultimately it’s up to you.

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