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When you have a moment while you are waiting to hear back about your application, if you could Rate, Review and list Pros/Cons for the film programs that you are applying to in our Film School Review system that would be AWESOME. It'll help out other applicants and also - and more importantly - it'll organize your thoughts to hopefully make it easier to choose between them when you hopefully get accepted. ;)

Currently, sorting by rating, University of North Carolina - School of the Arts is the top rated program according to reviews. I KNOW people have thoughts on all of these film schools - please rate and review them so that your favorite programs rise to the top.

You can list up to 10 Pros/Cons and also rate the film program based on:
  • Alumni
  • Campus
  • Career Assistance
  • Equipment
  • Coursework
  • Professors
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
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You write a review based on whether you are an:
  • Alumni
  • Current Student
  • Admitted Applicant
  • Current Applicant
  • Rejected Applicant
  • Official Tour
  • Unofficial Tour
  • Interview
  • Online Research
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You can also review the school anonymously.

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Review the program you are applying to today! It'll help other applicants and the site a TON.
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