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Have you made any films while at film school? Be sure to add them to our Student Film section. :)

We've added a section of the site where one can add films that they made while at film school so prospective students can get an idea of what they'll do while they are there.

Did you go to film school for undergrad? If so, please add your films so we can get this new feature up and running. :)

Each film added has fields for the following:
  • Video URL (YouTube or Vimeo - could be private)
  • Film Program
  • Course
  • Film Type (exercise, assignment, cycle film, thesis)
  • Genre
  • Duration/Running Time
  • Film Completion Date
  • Assignment Instructions
  • Instructor
  • Grade Received
  • Role in the film (i.e. director, writer, producer, actor, etc.)
  • Shoot Duration
  • Shoot Budget
  • Camera Used
  • Sound Equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Other Film Equipment
  • Post Production Software
  • Film Synopsis
If you have suggestions of data fields we should add please let me know in the comments below.

You can also review films based on the following criteria:

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We hope that you like the new feature.
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