Review of University of Miami MFA in Motion Picture

@Operator I think it might be called something else. I have no idea. I don't know about any of the other money sources until I sign with them. I know they offer things, though.
Now just for fun..... wanna see how silly i am?

This is seriously my Personal Statement that I sent to Boston University.....

Notice the name of the school not just in the file name but the actual statement....

Ya, I am not joking, I thought i was applying and had applied to Boston College until literally a month ago.

I did mean to apply to Boston University, but I seriously thought it was the same school (University/Colllege... Whoops)

At least it was the only school I had a glaring error with aside from perhaps some minor typos or something......

I can't say for sure that is why I got denied... but........ I think the biggest F-up on these boards goes to me. you like horror movies? I'm actually flying to Illinois tomorrow for the Indie Horror Film Festival.
No idea lol. I'm there as an official selection for the short screenplay competition. I also realized part of the festival falls on Saint Patrick's Day, so I'm skipping Saturday to go be a drunk tourist in downtown Chicago.
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