San Diego State University - School of Theatre, Television, and Film

Degrees Offered
4 Year B.S.
Film & Television Production, Film Studies
Yearly Tuition
$20k to $30k


New Member
when are sdsu film students demand the education we paid for? Old tenured professors who haven't worked in decades, old irrelevant equipment, no post production classes, the entire program is a joke. We don't learn anything that actually will get us a job. There are no internships or useful experience. Shame on this college for letting this go on for so long. This dept needs a huge overhaul into the 21st century. The trailer on the website is complete fabrication. If you are having trouble deciding I suggest you sit in on literally any TFM class on any given day and experience the bs firsthand. That's if the professor hasn't cancelled class like they do 75% of the time.

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