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Spring 2016 USC School of Cinematic Arts


For how much it's been seen, would have thought some of them would be applying too.
So first time applying?


New Member
Cool! I did the TV/ Film Producing 9 month program. Have you applied before? How long does the decision normally take?


How was that program? I have applied before. I think they average around 2-3 months.


I have been waitlisted all the past times I applied for spring entrance....I have become a master of waiting.


Hey guys... sorry for taking a while to post my status, was extremely busy these days.
I got an Skype interview earlier this week and here is a list of the questions that I was asked:

1. What kind of film do you want to make in the future?
2. Are you aware of the cost of the program?
3. Why film school? Why USC?
4. Where are you from and your cultural background?
5. Any questions for us?

The interview last for about 20 minutes and it was very casual...I didn't even realise that was an interview...
Anyone else got an interview?
This post has been very quiet...I hope more people can join the talk :)
Directing Applicant here, 2nd shot at it. Good luck to everyone.


The forums have been really quiet. Of course, maybe that will change when results start coming in?
Hey @Quee, are you an international applicant?

Also @Nic L. Kelly you mentioned directing applicant. I didn't see any option to select a specialisation when I applied..how were you able to apply to direction specifically?
Sorry for the delay... No, just general film production.

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