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I'm looking into doing a 2 week to 8 week film program this summer to really learn how to become a filmmaker. I've looked into the NYFA and Chapmans/Duke's program in California. What would be the best programs out there to look into for the amateur, highschool, aspiring filmmaker?

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I enjoyed Boston University's ITRP program when I did it - I'm pretty sure it's still around.

Does anyone know about the NYU summer program and getting the scholarship ?/ getting accepted ?? I've heard of people say more people who attended NYU got accepted into NYU undergrad...any truth ??


I did NYFA's 6-week summer filmmaking program and it was AMAZING! I highly recommend it. I met so many great people and the teachers were awesome. Best experience of my life :)

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about USC's summer film program? Does it help you transfer into the school at all?
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