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Hi everyone!

I'm a third year undergrad student and I am searching for an internship for the summer. I am a psych major but I am interested in screenwriting, and I was wondering where one can look for and apply for film-related internships, or internships that could relate to screenwriting (or even a taste for the film or entertainment industry in general) in some way.

I am applying for some dramaturgy/stage management/director internships at a theater production company in Chicago. I was reading some previous posts about taking up internships even if they're not directly related to a particular field of interest, since it might be helpful later on.... so I hope I am making a good choice by applying for these theater internships.

But what are some other places I can look for film internships, maybe in writing? I know of but are there any other sources?

Everyone is telling me that third year summer internships are like the most important, and I'm freaking the @!*% because I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing with my life at this moment. :( And I don't even know if screenwriting is what I absolutely want to do....

Thanks everyone!!
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