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Thanks to everyone for becoming a Supporting Member. It's very much appreciated. Donations go towards the cost of running the site and developing the cool new features such as the application tracker and the private student clubs feature.

FilmSchool.org is now providing a completely banner AD FREE experience so we rely on user support to run the site. Your donations are immensely appreciated! :)

Supporting Members get the following awesome site features:
  • FULL Forum Access (Private Forum Access, Custom Member Titles, Links in Signature, Unlimited Post Editing Time)
  • FULL Application Tracker Access (View Application GPAs, Test Scores, Notes, Portfolios, etc....
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to School Clubs, School Badges & Private Film School Forums for accepted applicants, current students, and alumni
Lifetime Supporting members also get:
  • BLOGS - Create your own FilmSchool.org Blog
To upgrade your account to a Supporting Member use this link:

All donations are a one time amount and duration. You are NOT signing up for a subscription service where you will be charged multiple times. Because that's not cool.

If your membership expires and you think the site is valuable enough to renew simply purchase it again for the desired timeframe.

Thank you again so much for your support!
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Chris W

Willem was robbed
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Thank you @Jordy for becoming a Supporting Member! This really helps the site a lot!

I hope you find the site useful.

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