The New York Film Academy.... THIS SUMMER!



I feel like a lab rat when they are giving me those's a big mze and in the end you think there will be a prize...i.e. Cheeze, but there isn't. You've been screwed. My school started handing out tikcet to kids after the test to get popsicles...morons. Yeah...thinking I'm gonna get a popsicle after the test is gonna make me do better!


"Violence in Movies? It's much more interresting to see a car exploding, than to see it parking" -Quentin Tarantino
Do you enjoy masticating with hot girls?
"I'm outta here like a herd of turtles!" - Random Idiot
HAHA.... Some schools are stupid... like mine...

I bet the people who run my school couldn't break 900...

Thats the people who actually run the school... not the teachers... teachers are smart... principals and vice princicpals are idiots.... and welll... not all teachers are smart.... well... WHATEVER!!

you get it...

death to ETS !!
No... but seriously... is anyone out there going to be attending this summer at MGM... or do you know anyone... it would be cool to know someone ahead of time.

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