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So I've heard that the Tisch Grad Film program is too intensive to try balance school with a normal job. Does anyone have experience or an opinion on this? Did you just get out loans to pay for general living expenses like rent and food? How much money did you plan for?

Chris W

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NYC is expensive for sure. While I'm not familiar with the intensity of the program (although I assume its intense) I'd certainly start working and saving like you're crazy NOW with a rice and beans no fun buget so you can save the max possible now before you start to keep the student loans to a minimum. Student loans are always with you until you die. Scary thought. Can't even get rid of them through bankruptcy. ( Thanks dubya!)

Also there are probably some side hustle gigs you'll be able to work in while at the program that'll bring in money that aren't traditional jobs to offset the cost. Anything legal to bring in cash. Just don't go Walter White. :)

And continue with the crazy rice and beans budget while you're at school to keep costs down as well.

Maybe someone else can reply with more knowledge of the actual program.

But looking back... I was too willy nilly with cash (really debt) when I was at school. Wish I had followed the advise I'm now giving...
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