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I didn't get accepted. I'm thinking its because I am a sophmore in HS. I applied for the Filmmakers Narrative Workshop. Anyone get accepted ? Any HS sophmores get accepted ? What should I do over summer...NYFA or what other film camps are there ? Anyone everbeen to the Filmmakers workshop narrative...how was it...and did it help ?..........ALex

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You should look into US performing Arts camps. It's only a week but I did it twice and really enjoyed it and you could do 2 or 3 sessions. They're held on college campuses like UCLA too.


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Hey, I'm a junior in high school, and I didn't get in either. I didn't think I would because I had only spent an hour rushing on my essay because I decided to apply almost spontaneously. I was a little bummed out though. I think I'm gonna take some courses at USC this summer and try to get an internship somewhere. I've taken NYFA before and recomend it if you have any ideas for short films already in your head. So many kids films suffered from not having any idea to begin with.

And, no it's not too late to apply to nyfa... I don't think. Cause I signed up for it the day classes began last summer... But I did live in the city of the program.
I rushed on my essays and recommendations too because I did them on the week they were due and that was the extended 2 weeks they gave us.

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