UCI? UCSD? or maybe UCSB?


New Member
Hello guys. Before dropping my question, I would like to let you know about my situation.
I am a professional novelist, and aiming to expand my job area to screenwriting. What I have heard is that UCI is more about the script than the other schools. I do not deny that I would like to be a director at the end, however, for now I am pretty much feeling that I have to narrow my attention and focus on writing only.
For that reason, I have been feeling attracted to UCI more than others, however, I do not know whether this is a proper idea or not. Which one would be the best school for a future screenwriter? And why?

Leo Kato

New Member
Hello! I've actually had the same kind of problem of choosing between UCI or UCSD as a film major. I would like to know which school you eventually decided to go to and your experience in the major so far. Thank you very much.

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