UCLA B.A. 2009

ok, has anyone heard from ucla who applied for the undergraduate program?

anybody know what the appropriate attire for interview process is?

where can i check to see if they received my materials etc?

Anybody got some interview stories?

come on people, wake up. let's talk about this.

I feel your pain....
No one replies on here.
They lurk.

Hear that?!

Just you and me....

What's yer major? (Specialization)

Can I get you something to drink?

Gonna be a long wait until April...
Might as well be comfortable, no?

black label on the rocks please. and keep em coming.

i like directing, producing, and editing. so anywhere in those areas. i just hope not all of ucla is theory and no production (for the undergrad program)

how about you?

No, Johnny Black.

Only Johnny Blue and Gold.

good to know there are still screenwriters out there. been trying to find a good reliable writer to work with since HS.

blue is always a tasty treat. dont forget the romeo y julieta cigars.
Got the Number 2's at the ready....

Reliable as the day is long....
Got a bunch of my stuff up on Zhura.com...
(Online Screenwriters Forum)

And a video of something I wrote and shot....
"The Conversation"... there as well...

God and the Devil sitting on a park bench discussing the next thousand years... two character narrative... one location...20 minutes..$300.00 budget....entered into the Palm Beach Film Festival Screenwriter's Competition

Results at the end of March....

I know what you're thinking.... ask a guy a questions and he gives you his freaking resume....

I'm not that guy.....

It's a free account.
It just looks expensive...
It's in public videos.

I love your video. BTW.
I like the melody track and dude's style...
Sort of a cross between Blackalicious and Akrobatik... He got a real smooth, chillax flow

"On the highway of life trying out new lanes on em..."

There's plenty of other lines in there that are killing it.

I dig the motion graphic overlay and the gritty feel the piece has of a late night in LA...I lived in Greenwich Village for a long time... NY has that same feel at night too...

I like the deep focus/rack focus use in this piece to imply disorientation and I like the constant motion of the camera. I am just glad it wasn't continually handheld...

The city shots are epic... and your editor in post did wonders for adding production value...

Superior effort.
I dig it.

OK before you run off and see mine...know that I am a screenwriter and not a focus puller...LOL

Also know that if murder were legal here like in some Brazilian cities when your wife acts up... I would shoot/strangle/disembowel my sound person....

Other than that.. for my first time ever...it'll work...

Also check out Running (Halfway Done)... it's a screenplay under my name... I think you'll dig that.
Saw "the conversation"

i dig that a lot. I know what you mean about the sound. Not bad for your first time man. very impressive.

i'll read Running.
Kewl. Kewl.
Glad you liked that.

Still working on "Running", 60 pages deep. Some ways left to go.

It's coming along.

It's a dead zone.

Me and my newest (and future classmate) home boy, LumberjackMK, just sitting here drinking Johnny Blue and Johnny Gold, smoking Romeo and Julieta #2's..... waiting till the end of April.

Cigar? Scotch?

Greg: Well, I'll cut this one for you.

(He perfectly slices the end wrapper off of a R&J #2 and hands it to MDIM)

Greg: This is a snifter of Hennessey Ellipse. Dip the end of the cigar in here.

(MDIM dips the cigar and savors the mixture of the amber liquid and the taste of tobacco. Greg holds a lit match in front the cigar)

Greg: Now pull!...slow...slow.. Nice, eh?!

(Greg awaits a proper response from MDIM.)




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