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I have yet to hear anything as well so either a.) directing students haven't been notified of b.) we're all SOL. Haha, I'm also at the point where every email that comes across my phone sparks my attention, and even as a freelancer that gets jobs through emails I am somewhat disappointed by any email that isn't from UCLA or Chapman haha
Hey all. Just getting my skin in the game here. I'm waiting for a reply as well for the directing MFA. I'm interested to see how the interview process goes.
Nope. :(
It's funny, all my friends went through their grad school woes last year. I laughed at how stressed out they were getting. Looks like I'm getting my just desserts.
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I've just been fortunate enough to receive an e-mail invitation for an interview! BTW, I'm applying to the MFA in Directing. Time to start preparing!


Originally posted by pgresty:
I am pleased to say I just got an email asking to be interviewed! I guess they go out today.

One question: they only gave me the option to interview in New York or LA. I'm in neither of those cities. I'm currently working in London, but from DC-- is it worth it to fly out for an interview?
I have got the email,too. I'm in Shanghai. It cost a lot to fly to NYC or LA.
But I wonder there is any possibility to get an interview online. Why must go to unversity?
My friend told me that sometimes a few school would cover the expense of the flight and hotel.


I have been fortunate to get an email from them too.

I am an international student too. So I wrote back, asking whether skype or video-conferencing would be possible. Been two days, and now am getting scared whether that will make them judge against me somehow.

Funny, how the brain works under stress.
Dang, I guess if we haven't received an email for an interview by now, we didn't make the cut.

Good luck to those of you that have received interview invites.


I wrote back again, confirming my availability for an interview. Got a date for 16th Mar.

I think, once the offices open on Tuesday (I am not sure though, if UCLA is closed Monday), give them a call.


Originally posted by achorusisrising:
So, is that it? If I haven't received an interview invite, I'm not getting in?
Hey Chorus, I would suggest call UCLA up. From what I sense of all universities, no one but they know what is really up.
I just called Char at UT Austin, and she said everyone who got in the graduate program already received their letters. If we haven't heard from them by now it means we are on a wait list and should hear from them next week(presumably with a rejection letter).

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